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After the Disaster

Exhibition catalogue with works by Andrew Warstat and essay by Michael Phillipson


From the disintegration of a relationship to the disintegration of the world around us. The images in Rebecca Dearden's two linked books are taken from estate agents' brochures. Instead of tempting us to buy and make a home, they reflect the dread and the desperate hopefulness of situations beyond our control.



No-one will ever love you as much as I do 


 These are no dream homes for couples in love. They’re scarred – marked by trauma and loneliness – twisted and ghostly. The perfect home for a love that cajoles and threatens. What happened here? What will happen here now that you’ve arrived?


It’s all going to be fine, isn’t it?

When the world is going to hell in a handcart, at least we have the comfort of home. But here, all is discomfort. There’s nothing between us and collapse. Nothing left but a heartfelt cry born of anxiety and sheer bewilderment at the state of things.

Empty, Swept and Garnished

Exhibition catalogue with images and artist details. Introduction by Andrew Warstat